About Physical Therapy in New York

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental state.”

–Carol Welch

Who can benefit from physical therapy?

You’re a busy professional taking care of your business and your family. You hardly have time for your friends or to even take care of yourself. Where are you going to find time to fit in a physical therapy appointment? 

We work with busy professionals like yourself offering flexible hours and the convenience of online care. Don’t get frustrated with your aches and pains. Help is just a phone call away.

Think about those early morning, pain-free runs you used to enjoy. Your mind was clear, and your body felt invincible. After those runs, you went home, made breakfast for the kids, and then continued to your full day of work… and could still go to the gym at night! Now, you can barely get in and out of the car without your knee hurting.

About Physical Therapy in New York

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can transform your body, improve your health, decrease swelling, increase your muscle strength and flexibility, and decrease your pain.

Improvement in all these areas will have a positive effect on your mental and physical state.

Here’s how we’ll get started…

First, we’ll conduct a physical therapy examination, looking at your posture, muscle strength, and flexibility. We measure your range of motion, test your muscle strength, look at your performance with specific movements, and test your balance.

We’ll then talk about YOUR needs and YOUR goals… and what it’ll take to get you there.

Do you want to be stronger, have less pain, be more flexible? Physical therapy can help.

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During the sessions…

We’ll provide specific exercises to help develop your muscles, improve your endurance and flexibility within each session, as well as a home program for you to perform throughout the week.

Getting you what you need… where you need it.

Do you have a hectic schedule and don’t have room in your schedule to commute to a physical therapy clinic and want the convenience of having Physical Therapy online?

We can schedule a Physical Therapy Telemedicine Visit!

Need an escape from your online meetings and in need of the one-on-one hands-on physical therapy that the clinic can provide, like massage, stretching, and exercise… schedule an appointment for an in-office visit.

Not ready to leave your home but would like a physical therapist to come to you to address your needs? If you’re in New York City and Brooklyn, New York, we can be of service.

The day you start will be the day you reclaim the rest of your life.

Don’t deny yourself the joy of returning to your runs.

Get out of bed without discomfort.

Don’t put off your workouts because you can’t make it into the gym.

Stop limping up and down your basement stairs when help is a phone call away.

It’s time for you to get back to your normal routine and feel whole again!

You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help you. Give us a call, & let’s schedule your free consultation: (212) 499-4962.

Dr. Gina is an Esteemed Member of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

Education Coordinator of Business Network International (BNI) the Mahattan Flagship Chapter

Geriatric Advisory Council Dr. Gina Mobility Health PT