About Dr. Gina, professional physical therapist in NYC


Dr. Gina Williams

Owner of Mobility Health Physical Therapy
Professional Physical Therapist in NYC

I’ve always had an interest in exercise and how the body works.

As a child, I spent hours reading those big old Encyclopedia Britannica! I enjoyed reading the science and biology sections and learning all about the human body and how it works.

So, naturally, I majored in biology when I went to college. In my four years of college, I enjoyed my anatomy and physiology courses the most, which led me to decide to go to graduate school for physical therapy, becoming a professional physical therapist.

My passion is for helping others – and to enjoy the work I do.

I was a file clerk out of high school, spending my full 10-hour shift in a room filing papers for a law office. Additionally, I spent my entire day in that room, never learning or interacting with anyone. I felt something was missing… That I craved human interaction.

I quickly learned that I needed to work with and help others to feel fulfilled in my career. While in college, I volunteered in hospitals and physical therapy clinics. I enjoyed learning about how physical therapy could improve a person’s health and lifestyle. So, I went to grad school for physical therapy at Long Island University. Almost 15 years later, I still get to meet, learn from, and help people every day.

I’ve had my share of injuries over the years…

I was in a car accident and injured my neck and back. I had multiple discs in my spine out of place. It was difficult to walk, stand, or sit. My physical therapist and I worked together to get me back on my feet again.

I’ve gone through physical therapy myself, so I know the hard work and dedication it takes to get back to normal.