Mobility Health Success Stories

Physical Therapy Success Stories

Prepare to be inspired as you explore the incredible Physical Therapy success stories of those who have embarked on their path to wellness with us. At Mobility Health PT, we celebrate the remarkable journeys of individuals who have experienced the transformative power of physical therapy in New York City. From overcoming injuries to achieving newfound strength and mobility, these stories showcase the profound impact that our clinic and dedicated team of therapists have had on our patients’ lives.

Physical Therapy post Bariatric Surgery


Gina and Mobility Health have been great setting me on a path to recovery after bariatric surgery. I was so overweight I walked with a waddle, and had no balance. She helped me understand how my muscles have been “on strike,” and how to get them back to work. Physical therapy requires work from the patient, outside of the sessions and Gina helps set you up for success to keep your recovery moving forward.


– Brian White

Physical Therapy post Bariatric Surgery

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain & Weakness


I started Physical Therapy 3 months ago for shoulder pain and weakness. After 3 months, I am pain free and stronger than ever.


– Mike E.

Physical Therapy to cure Hip Abductor Strain


I am a passionate tennis player. I faced a major setback when a severe hip abductor strain threatened to keep me off the court.

But I didn’t give up. With Dr. Gina’s tailored Physical Therapy regimen, I conquered every challenge and emerged stronger than ever!

“Ivan is an avid Tennis player who started Physical therapy after a severe hip abductor strain. After intense physical therapy strengthening and mobility exercises he is now back to playing tennis pain free and stronger than ever before.”


Physical Therapy to cure Hip Abductor Strain

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain


Today is my last day of Physical Therapy. After 4 weeks of hard work I no longer have neck pain. I am able to sit at my desk and work without discomfort. I have learned a lot about posture and exercise and am committed to doing the work on my own to stay strong, keep improving my mobility and continue to be pain free.


– Rebecca