Telehealth Physical Therapy

We know there are reasons to put off physical therapy…

You’re still having that aching pain and stiffness in your knee, but you don’t have the time to go to a physical therapy office to get treatment.

You want to get back to your usual workout routine, but you’re not sure how to get started.

You’ve put on a few extra pounds this past year because the pain has been preventing you from working out.

But you’re not quite ready to leave your home and enter a physical therapy clinic surrounded by lots of other people.

Now, you can get the healing you need ONLINE!

After a long day of work, you don’t have to make that drive across town to the physical therapy clinic.

You can have a virtual therapist treat you within the comfort of your own home while you still have on your comfy clothes.

All within the privacy of your own home, you can have a telehealth physical therapist at your disposal and your fingertips through your computer.

Wear your sweats and workout clothes. With physical therapy via telehealth, your sweats and workout gear are welcome during our ZOOM meetings.

Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy

Physical therapists have been doing telehealth treatments for over 20 years, and patients have been getting better and finding pain relief since then.

Imagine having your own experienced personal coach guiding you through exercises and adjusting your routine week by week.

You have private one-on-one care with a physical therapist without distractions.

No long time in a clinic waiting room for your turn – you are seen at your appointment time. Right after your session, you can get back to what you were doing before.

What do we need to be prepared for our Telehealth Physical Therapy session?

You’ll need a laptop or smartphone with high-speed Wi-Fi accessibility.

Be sure to turn off or pause the streaming of other devices while we’re on the call. It may affect the quality of your Wi-Fi.

A quiet private area so you can talk to the therapist uninterrupted.

Place your laptop or smartphone in front of you on a sturdy surface so you can move around hands-free.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Let us help you get back to normal.

Physical therapy decreases pain, increases your strength, improves your mobility, helps you lose weight, and improves your overall health. This is the path to getting back to exercise and a routine!

We will perform a full screening of all your body systems to determine the root cause of your pain, and together, we will come up with a plan to start you on the path toward healing. You’ll also learn tools and techniques to relieve your pain and prevent it from coming back.

Make your next ZOOM meeting all about you and your healing!

Call today to schedule your free 20-minute discovery call to see if telehealth physical therapy is the right fit for you: (212) 499-4962.